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Starts @ $80 BIN $120

Starts @ $80 BIN $120

Aww what the heck, Start! <3

; v ; Sorry to battle ya on this.

Questions comment concerns

Ask em, state em, tell em. :)

Re: Questions comment concerns

would an aipom chao be doable? if so, would I be able to see an example of how it would look like?:)


Re: Questions comment concerns

Yes! That would be adorable. Hehe I will have to get a sketch to you tonight once I am home. What type of chao eould you want it to be? :)

Re: Questions comment concerns

Hello! Would a beanie style Zorua be possible? Like, flopped out on the floor kind of? If that makes sense. ; u; I can try and describe it better if need be...

Re: Questions comment concerns

Haha yeah definitely! :D sort of like a beanie baby? Or would you want it different than a beanie baby? :3

Re: Questions comment concerns

Would you be able to make a plush from an image reference? I have an adorable idea for an 8inch shiny vaporeon, and can draw up the idea. c:

Re: Questions comment concerns

Yes! :D It is always nice to have a reference to look at! Thats actually what the person that I made herdier did. :)

Re: Questions comment concerns

Just wanted to say your plush are amazingly good! ^-^ they're super detailed but seem so cuddly :). Just for future reference, would a Yanma Mock Pokedoll be doable? Like with wire in his wings?

Re: Questions comment concerns

Thank you! n.n and yes! :D I would love to make a mock yanma pokedoll. Would be fun to make. :)

Mhmm, sure can. That would be really fun to make! :D

Sorry to butt in, but is that mixed with a Lunar Moth?

It's beautiful! <3

You're super welcome. <3 That would look amazing as a plush! I kinda... wanna make a sculpt of it now. XD Those wings would be so fun to sculpt then paint. ; u;

Hi ^^ are your custom plush orders still open? :) I'd love to commission you for a chibi scyther in minky - I emailed you about it and didn't get a response so thought I'd send a message through here, please let me know, thanks!

Oh really? When did you email me? Weird that I didn't get it.

Anyways, yes...i am still taking commissions, but its about a 3-4month wait as of now.
How big of a scuyther you want? Kind of like the chibi one in the picture?
That one was 12" which is $180
I can go smaller though. :)

That sounds reasonable ^^ how much are smaller sizes? I'd love to commission you though, could you put me in for a slot?

Also, about emails, I emailed a couple days back - strange! Maybe my email address is playing up :(

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