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My collection
Hello hello! :3
Today I am showing my cute little collection. Lol
Sadly this is only part of my Pokemon collection because most of it is at my moms.

here is a picture of my plush and figures that I have at my new place. I know its nothing to special but I like it. Lol
The hydreigon and emolga were made be me! :D
And the deino was crocheted by someone off of da
And that cutie zweilous was made by bluest_mercury
I have quite a bit of stuff that's one there way to me so I will have to do an update soon.
I also have TONS of Pokemon cards but I am to lazy to take pictures of those. Lol
I have 2 huge binders full of cards and two smaller ones fulls of holos a cute pikachu card folder full of my 1st edition cards and shadowless
So quite a bit. Lol
Here are some close ups of my little collection I have started at my new place.

Here is the start of my deino line collection. :P the hydreigon was made by me. I have more to come. <3

My cute little plusle and Minun. <3 I actually got those for my boyfriend since he likes plusle and Minun so much. :P
And my cutie groudon pokedoll.

Yay close ups. :P

My awesome fat pikachu! xD I think pikachu is much cuter when he's is chubby. <3

And my reshiram and Zekrom. <3
So there it is. C:

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Lovely collection! So many plush!

That marill in particular is awesome! What exactly is it? I don't think I've seen it before ;_;

That's not even half.of my plush. xD lol
Oh gosh...I don't know. I got it forrreevverr ago. o.o like when I was 7. Lol its a cute little coin purse type.of plush. There is a little zipper on the back and a keyring on the head.

oh I'd love to see allll your plush xD

oh my it is simply precious sounding ;__; now I have something new to add to my wants list xD

Well if I ever get my other part of my collection from my moms I will post the army.of plush. Lol

Well I am trying to get my sales permission and once I do I might be willing to sell it to you. For how old it is it still is in pretty.good condition.

army of plush! sounds awesome!

if you are ever interested in selling it, let me know! I will certainly buy it!

Alright. :3 I will for sure let you know!

They are cute huh? Lol I think so atleast. xD

Lovely collection <333
Im not a Deino-line fan but the one you did and Bluest are so cute x3

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