lyndsay (lyndsaygorawr) wrote,

Look At What I Made #3

Hello everyone!
Want to show what I made once again. : P Haha and I am wodering if anyone would be interested in it? Thinking about maybe auctioning it off.

It is a cute little Eelektross! : D
He was pretty fun to make. He is made from nice soft minky fabric! He has wires in his arms and little thing on top of his head so he is pose! lol Well his arms at least. xD
And if I get enough interest this cute little guy could be yours.
He is made to be about pokedoll size. So around 6" tall.
(Not counting the thing on his head. Don't know what to call it. o.o)

Here he is showing off his poses. xP

Isn't he just so cute? :3
Oh and I almost forgot that his eyes are made from iron on fabric and the little circles on his face and hands are also iron on fabric. O:
And of course you need to see his tushie. xD

And if you have any questions ask them! : D

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