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Sales and auctions

1) Sales permission granted on 12/9/2012 by entirelycliched Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=lyndsaygorawr
I ship from Oregon US. I have two dogs and a cat. Smoke free
3) I accept PayPal only
4) I do offer/accept payment plans, feel free to ask
5) I will only hold items to COMMITTED buyers only
6) when sending payment put your USERNAME IN THE SUBJECT and what your PURCHASING IN THE NOTE/MESSAGE this helps me keep everything organized.
7) all prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees. Shipping for flats starts at $2.50 US $3.50 Canada and $4.50 everywhere else and go up from there
8) I am not responsible for your items once the package is shipped at the PO. If you want tracking/insurance just ask. :)
9) Direct sales are final! Don't back out if you commit to purchase.
10) HAGGLING ACCEPTED EVEN ON ITEMS WITHOUT OBO Some items I have no clue how much they go for so I am pricing as they sell on Ebay. Don't be scared to make an offer!!




All $2
SOLD:Tomy Altaria

Pokemon Tins $2



2.5" Ash/pikachu bead sprites $4 (you get them both)
MD/BK figures $1
DS Pokemon Dark explorers $8
minun's and Sceptile .50 (sceptile looks like it has little chew marks on it)
Everything else $2


Sold:keldeo strap, servine, dewott, cyndaquil, small lugia



Another photo



Bigger boxes $1
Smaller boxes .50
Or ONE free with a purchase of $5 (Will be flattened)





-Jakks Celebi/wt (tag has no creases but is curved) $10 obo
-Jakks drillbur mwt $5
-squirtle $3
-spearow $3
-banpresto Zoroark mwt $18 obo
-hasbro togepi slightly dirty $20 obo
-tirtouga mpc mwt $12



Banpresto Zekrom 11"MWT $35 OBO
Banpresto reshiram MWT SOLD



Custom Pidgy plush Made by someone on DA sold
Tepig (turns into a pokeball) $10
Spinda Hasbro plush sold



Giratina Plush MWT sold
Giratina Jakks figure $8 OBO




Whole lot for $13 shipped US $15 Shipped everywhere else (these I would consider NM except for ninetiles. The picture of the back of the 1 card is ninetails. Small rip and stick from tape being on it. Cards are slightly curved but nothing a good binder/books couldn't flatten)

.50 each
team rocket
Team Rocket Poster (There is also a back side) $11 Shipped US $13 Shipped Everywhere else
eeveelution game 2 eeveelution game
Eeveelution game (This came out of a magazine I got. It is some type of game. You take all the pieces out and put it together. I will nicely tear out the instruction page. NOTE! It is in japanese!!) $20 OBO


Auctions RULES
1) all rules above apply/all pkmn collectors rules apply
2) bid in increments of atleast $1
3) no snipping! Will add 10mins
4) auctions end on 1/01/2013 at 12:30am PST
Countdown: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?p0=202&iso=20130101T0030&year=2013&month=1&day=1&hour=0&min=30&sec=0&msg=Autions


Banpresto lapras MWT



Starts @ $10


Custom shiny zewilous plush by mousealchemist


This guy is pretty big! Ask for a shipping quote if worried about the price
Starts @$15


Custom Haunter plush


Made from fleece, wire in hands making them slightly posable. Satin stitching around eyes and mouth
Pikachu pokedoll for size comparison ONLY.
Starts @ $30 This poor Haunter needs a home. It's original "trainer" abandoned him. :(